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Thread: New 3DFA registration policy

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    New 3DFA registration policy

    Obviously the thread was closed or locked because of the negative feedback, which i believe to be understandable, both for you and the users. You because its not what you need and for the user because thats not what the need either.

    As some, i am against the idea of paying again for something you said to be with free updates.
    The legal implications on the issue would not stand up for long after you have said free updates for life. I think you will find that you are now obliged to provide ongoing free updates to existing customers. On the other hand the new policie would not be a problem for new customers.
    I understand you need to make a living as does everyone on the planet. And i can't see a way out of this for you. The best bet is for you is to have 2 versions, but even then you will have problems because if you concentrate on version 5, you will then get the regulars moving over to swift 3D or other, because 3DFA is probably one the worst documented programs on the net and is less likely to have futur updates.

    Imagine you bought a new car and it broke down, you take it to the garage get it fixed and then discover that your insurance company decided to change policie stating that they no longer want to honor and respect their own word and contract. You would be highly peed off and take them to justice for your rights.

    Its a similar situation here, you are out of order. Not only do i refuse to pay for a new update, but if i don't get the updates as stated when i bought the program then i will take it further both legaly and over the internet.
    I reclaim my rights to free updates for life.

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    Senior Member SirN's Avatar
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    I don't see why you want to kill 3DFA? Have you followed the threads and noticed:
    1. With flash 8 as2 you have free updates forever in all future versions!
    2. If need be, the creator of 3DFA terminates developing of it and begins creation of another 'named' program that he can charge money for!

    It's soo big Flash 9 and as3 changes soo that it justifies recharging with discount for allready paid customers!

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    SirN, Yes i understand your point of view, and i also agree with the fact that F9 is superior to F8, and.......
    I do not want to kill 3DFA, far from it. I think its an excellent tool and use it almost daily. I don't even think i could get by without it now, well that or a similar application should needs be.
    I have been following the forums quite recently and from what i can gather there are mixed feelings about the situation, it just happens to be that i am on that side of the fence where im against paying out more money for something i was told would be with free updates.
    When i first bought my copy, i did'nt just stumble across this website by accident and say thats cool i'll buy that. It took me a month to test and decide on which application to buy out of a choice of 3. The free updates were one of the winning factors. Im not saying it was the only reason but a good part of it. Thats what helps make the product more attractive to the buyers. An excellent marketing choice, if it was a choice that is and not just a haphazard incident. Either way its the right way to go.
    So as not to repeat myself i think you will find if you re-read my first post you will see that i have already covered your:
    2. points

    All i am saying "in a nutshell" is that i believe existing users should be entitled to, as stated, free updates and thats it!
    Any new user then yeah why not, make them pay for subsequent updates its understandable, like i said we all have to make a living.
    I guess i just don't like being 4k3d from behind.

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    Senior Member kusco's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    The new registration policy won't be introduced until later in the year.

    Its simple, version 8 export will become free, and version 9 export will expire after 2 years.

    Older customers can request a time limit exemption, dependent on whether their previous update stats show signs of abuse.

    Essentially, everybody wins and there is no case for complaint unless you've been illegally sharing your registration across multiple computers. In which case you will have to pay again.

    If you like 3DFA, then you have to live with our policies. If you don't like 3DFA, then there are plenty of alternatives. There is simply nothing to complain about.
    (3DFA Support Team)

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    Seattle, WA
    What is your definition of "time limit exemption"?
    Jan Zumwalt - http://www.flash.neatinfo.com

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    Senior Member kusco's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    As i said, time limit exemptions are available for old customers. That means you can still get a lifetime of free upgrades, so there is no change to the conditions of sale.

    Our new policy offers absolutely no grounds for complaint. In any case, a process of consultation began months ago, and we wont be implementing any new policy for another few months.
    (3DFA Support Team)

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    Senior Member creekmonkey's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    That sounds awsome kusco!
    Really good news for some of us oldies who have been here since nearly the begining of 3dfa!

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    Jan 2004
    Thanks to take care to old users ! Great , Happy..new year too !!

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    Ok, im back after having time to have cooled off and realize what an $$h0l i sounded like.

    A bit like trying to run before knowing how to walk and falling over like an idiot.

    I guess i should have read carefully all that has been said about the new policy before splurging out a load of aggressive abuse.

    I forward my deepest apologies to all that have been offended by my stupidity.



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