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Thread: CS3 Opening a pdf with flash

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    CS3 Opening a pdf with flash

    I am trying to open a pdf file from a flash swf, and also a flash projector on a mac.

    I ideally want the pdf document to download, or at least open up in a browser window so it can be printed.

    I cannot get either to work. I've looked at a ton of online forums and have found no answers.

    Also, on my flash projector how do I get that to open up the pdf file.

    I dont know how any of this works.

    I need to know the specifics.


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    load external pdf

    I have the same question. I need to do this for a client and need to make it work, I thought since Adobe bought Flash it should be simple, and they are both vector software.

    Any luck?

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    no luck so far, I used this code someone told me would work, I got it to work on my site on my computer, but when I put it in dreamweaver and tested the download link, it wouldnt work anymore it says page error and that the file doesnt exist. Im not sure what im doing wrong I dont really know how to embed flash into an html page...

    I used this code

    I also heard that you can instead of putting your file in the same folder with the swf and using the above code you can load your pdf onto your hosting site and just put the url of the file in place of yourfile.pdf.
    It worked while I was running the site in a swf on my harddrive...

    if you the best way to embed the flash file let me know... hope I helped

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