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Thread: Help with displaying mathematical symbols

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    Unhappy Help with displaying mathematical symbols

    Hi there,

    I want to use the mathematical pi symbol in a dynamic text field. I would like to be able to have it in content residing in an xml file that gets pulled in. Unfortunately at the moment I can only get the pi symbol to show when my text box is set to static (i.e I can't pull the content in dynamically).

    I'm using "Lexia" font and have tried the textField set to dynamic. I've also embedded all of the characters possible (3984 glyphs!).

    I have placed in my text box the following text: " ĆćČčıŁł∏∑−∙√∞∫≈≠≤≥◊ " now when I set this to Bitmap text(no anti-alias) all symbols are present and correct. As soon as I select anti-alias for animation or for readability some of the symbols go missing.

    Specifically... ĆćČčıŁł∏∑−∙√∞∫≈≠≤≥◊

    Any ideas?? Would really appreciate the help.


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    for pi,&,<,>,@ etc etc.. we use html tags, just see this link, you will know how and where to use these mathematical symbols when dealing in html.

    Once you have used the respective symbol as a tag i think you will be able to display it inside you flash dynamic textbox.
    just try

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