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Thread: transition between 2 external .swf--kinda tough one here

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    transition between 2 external .swf--kinda tough one here

    specifically my question
    is how to make a simple blur transition between two externally loaded .swf

    I know that I need both .swf to have a blur on both sides(beginning & end sides). But when the button is hit to go to next swf, how can you give the current .swf time to blur out, before your next .swf starts to Blurs in.


    The example contains an AS2 version. I need the AS3 version

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    First have the loader load the second swf before you start the blur transition. Now on the first swf have it go to max blur while fading to alpha 0. Have thew second swf already loaded behind the first swf totally blurred but with alpha 100 then when the first swf alpha reaches 0 second swf starts blur in.

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