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Thread: Customizable flash game templates

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    Customizable flash game templates

    I have been looking all over the web for sites that have good flash game templates. I will be having a new section of my site developed in the next few months, and an integral part will be flash games that gives points to users. This later part will have to be coded into the template, obviously, but having a template would be a great place to start instead of having developers create something from scratch. Specifically, I am looking for these types of games

    Memory (maybe with grades of difficulty; harder has more image cards)
    Whack a mole
    Slide panel picture
    Simon (repeat color pattern sequence)
    Slot Machine

    For the games that use cards, like memory, solitaire and poker, Id like to be able to use my own card images, so customizable is key (not that it isnt for everything). If anyone either has templates of these available, or knows a great site with very stable and playable templates of these, please let me know. I will appreciate all the help I can get with this. Thanks again
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    I saw several slot machine type games that were all similar but with different graphics on www.flashgamelicense.com. Try getting an account there and browse those games. You may e-mail Adam, he may know of some people who have that sort of thing...my only other idea would be to just pay someone to do some of that type of work for you since you are wanting some reusable / customizable stuff.

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    Wonder if there's any money in having flash templates to download on my site. I've been toying with that idea for a while, ever since some guy came on here a while back and said he was in that business.
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    What's the standard rate to charge for a template guys (roughly)? $200 seems about right to me.

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    Hi toonarific! I can offer you several of the games you are looking for. You can view my partial game library at http://www.flashisland.net/games.php. All the games on that site are ready for re-skinning and licensing. I also have a Whack-a-mole, blackjack and pinball game not listed on the site that can be licensed. Let me know which games you are interested in and I'll get you a price quote.

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    Another good site to check is FlashDen, I have a sample poker game there that you can buy and customize.
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    Check this flash game template site which offers the source code file for flash games you requested including Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machine, shooting game, sports game (golf, football), word search games, etc.

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