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Thread: Redirecting a swf file for security reasons

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    Redirecting a swf file for security reasons

    Hello All,

    For security reasons I do not want people to be able to directly browse to http://www.mydomain.com/myMovie.swf; I want them only to see the swf from the page it is embedded in: http://www.mydomain.com/index.cfm How do I ensure that if the user browses to the first link, it will redirect him (because its just a raw swf and not an html or coldfusion page i cant use javascript or coldfusion code etc). Thanks.

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    I have seen people using php sessions for that: the index page creates a session, and then either
    - the swf is replaced by a php delivering swf (so you would see <embed src="movie.php"> in the index page) or
    - the swf wants to talk to the server, and that fails without the session.
    To be honest, someone dedicated to view the movie would get it anyway. If you want to just stop people from embedding your movie into other websites, perhaps the server gas some "htolink protection" or similar to help you


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