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Thread: [F8] Need to change html page title from within flash app

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    [F8] Need to change html page title from within flash app

    Does anyone know how to change the html page/browser title from with a flash file. When a user clicks on the nav I'd like to set the page title to "Home, About Us, etc..."

    What I'm trying to do is change the title of the html page dynamically from within my flash app. I've gotten it to work on FireFox using javascript but for some reason it doesn't work in IE. Code being used that doesn't work in IE:
    getURL("javascript: window.document.title='"+newTitle+"'; void(0);");

    Does anyone know why this isn't working or of another better method (that's simple)?

    Any help with this will be GREATLY appreciated!!

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    I think IE refers to it's title like:
    document.title =

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