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Thread: Make my button appear

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    Make my button appear

    Hello all,

    Okay, so this is what Im looking for. I have an input text field. As soon as somebody enters any information in this text field a button should appear. I have the text field and I have the button but I have no idea how to get this interaction.

    Can anybody help me.


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    Hi digibit, I suppose the best way is to use listeners.

    If you're using a 'textinput' component, just use this script:

    var my_ti:mx.controls.TextInput;
    // my_ti --> is the name of the text input
    var tiListener:Object = new Object();
    tiListener.change = function(evt_obj:Object) {
    trace("show me that button");
    my_ti.addEventListener("change", tiListener);

    You'll find more informations about this in the flash help, just look for TextInput.change

    If you want to use your own text input, I'd just use a Key.listener:

    var myListener:Object = new Object();
    myListener.onKeyUp = function() {
    if (nameOftheTextInput.length>=1) {
    trace("show me the button")

    In this case any time a key is pressed the listenet will check for the lenght of the text input

    That's all
    Hope it helps


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