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Thread: Button - SwapDepths Actionscripting

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    Button - SwapDepths Actionscripting

    Hi -

    I have a movie that I am using a sub-menu that has buttons that each tell a certain MovieClip to play. Problem is, the movie clips all overlap eachother - and I can't figure out how to bring the MC that is associated with the clicked button to the front. I thought I could use the swapDepths Actionscripting - but I'm not sure how to use this with a button's Actionscript code. I tried the following, but it doesn't seem to work. Do the Movieclips have to all be on one layer? Here is the link to the Flash SWF -- the menu I'm referring to is the only working one, the Welcome menu. Currently I have the buttons Actionscripted to tell all the other MovieClips to go to and Stop at Frame 1 -- but this is not really ideal...


    Trying this code:

    on (release) {

    this.outsidephoto.swapDepths(_root.getNextHighestD epth());
    this.outsidetext.swapDepths(_root.getNextHighestDe pth());

    //Movieclip GotoAndPlay Behavior
    //End Behavior

    //Movieclip GotoAndPlay Behavior
    //End Behavior


    Thanks for any help!

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    can you tell all other clips to have alpha value of 0, then when clicked on bring it to 100. This way depth not an issue. Just a thought. If not post the fla. Make it easier to help.

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    If I tell the other clips to have an alpha value of 0, then they'll just disappear --- the desired effect is that the movie clip opens over the other opened movieclip (it has a mask that "reveals" a photo). I want it to open over top the other open button movieclips (but still behind the main menu bar and logo). Does this make sense?

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