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Thread: [F8] Load Movie Function Problem

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    [F8] Load Movie Function Problem

    I have a button that calls an external movie SWF -- with the following code:

    on(release) {
    loadMovie("Environment.swf", "this.loadzone");

    The "loadzone" is a MovieClip with an instance name (loadzone) on the stage in a layer that is below the menu bar and logo, but above the background. For some reason, the code isn't working. Any ideas?

    I also tried using the Level loadMovieNum -- when I do, it works, but the SWF comes up on top of everything else (hiding the menu and logo)

    I thought it would be easier to load the SWF into an instance of a MovieClip that resided on the layer desired instead of messing with levels.

    Any advice?

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    I think it should be:

    on (release) {

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