Hi everyone!

I hope that some AS3 guru can help me...

I have one AS3 development trouble which I can't solve during weeks...
It's a phantom bug from FireFox flash player...

I will be happy if anybody can help me.

Short info about bug:

I have one AS3 swf(1) loader, that loads another AS3 coded swf (2).

(2)swf contains code, which gets webCam video, and then publish it to FMS3 server.
All is ok in IE7, but in FireFox any mouse event stops the stream publishing without any reason... (ex: MouseOver to video object on the stage, that shows video from webCam (local video, not published on fms)).

Swf published to the Internet server.
If I open (2)swf directly (without loading it into another swf) - all works fine in both browsers.

Thank you in advance!
Have a great day!