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Thread: Button text problem

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    Button text problem

    I have a large image (actually a site map of a housing development), there are different stages to the development. I have the jpg of the development map, I then created buttons on each of the different development stages, each a layer (1-13).

    On mouseover the button changes from the development image to a text message, say "Now Selling", "Available June", "SOLD" etc.

    I am not sure if I have done this the right way though, as it does not seem to work. When I mouse over with no text, just a blank everything works OK, but if I add text to "Over", when I mouse over the button it works, displaying the text, but when I mouse over the text, it goes to MouseOff (The original image). Am I clear as mud???

    Here is an example .... mouse over the middle right of the development .... ( left of Flintcroft St).


    I am sure it is simple .... just not understanding it ..... maybe I have done it the wrong way ????

    Any help .... welcome.


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    I had a look to your movie, you have you textarea as input text, just select static text or if you choose dynamic just remember to make it unselectable!

    and that's all

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    Problem Fixed

    Thank you for your fix..... so simple when you know how.

    Thanks again


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