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Thread: default browser

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    default browser

    Hi not been here for a while any ways i just installed flash cs3 and for some reason when i hit f12 i get no preview in my default browser mm if i remeber in flash 8 there was a way of selecting browser to use but i can not seem to find said command in cs3,i have 3 browsers installed and i think it's getting a little confused.

    please advise many thanks jay.

    ps. looking forward to gertting back into flash.

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    hmm f12 still works in cs3, you might want to check 'file > publish settings' and make sure the 'html' tab is ticked

    ps welcome back! been a while since I've seen the flash footer code here at flash kit hehe ahh the good old days
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    Thanks for the reply i did check publish setting and is set to flash & html mm strange i remember having the same prob once before i think on an older version of flash and there was a way of choosing which browser to use which in turn sorted it, but can not see said option in cs3.

    cheers jay.

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