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Thread: [CS3] Flash speed in browser vs standalone player?

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    [CS3] Flash speed in browser vs standalone player?

    I'm going to post this question one more time since I made a mistake last time and didn't put in a title (sorry about that).

    I am very curious about why the Flash presentations I make play faster when I fire up the .swf file alone or preview it in Flash CS3 itself than when I open it in a browser. Am I the only one this happens to? Or is there an explanation for it?

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    It happens that way because the standalone and the browser plug in flashplayer are two different models. The one in your browser is more ponderous and has to connect with the browser, while the standalone is ligher weight and can run without having anything to do with the browser.

    Also, the standalone isn't playing a swf file online through your connection, while the browser plugin is.

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