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Thread: Portfolio - 4 months in the making.

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    Portfolio - 4 months in the making.

    Portfolio Located at http://www.kingstonpulse.com

    Please grant me your feedback I lookforward to heading all constructive criticsm!

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    I got an error message window popping up, saying for testing on local pc only!

    when you click ok, the only thing that loads after that is a banner / header with images of people...

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    Works fine on mine. It's pretty cool! Good job!

    first theres a black box button floating on the bg - on the left side of the page.

    second play around with your fonts color a bit, they are kinda like too dark and doesnt blend well. also I would push your contents a little more down below the navigation. but thats just me.

    BTW, are you using Fuse or timeline?

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    The fonts look really blurry to me

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    Kinda ok but not my sort of thing it seems like information overload i like things simple but then thats the nature of your site.

    Runs nice and quick but the fonts for the links are blurry.

    cheers jay.

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    The top fonts are blurry but the bottom ones under upcoming events and today's line up look ok. I don't like the 3D/Cartoon looking characters. If this is the look you're going for I'd recommend either using flat colors on the people, or digitally paint them in properly... looks rushed now. The best thing would be to use pictures of real people as it would add some depth to your design. There is also too much gray space above step 1 of 2 and the content.

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