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Thread: [CS3] turning off a sound in a mc from a button in the main timeline

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    [CS3] turning off a sound in a mc from a button in the main timeline

    Hi. I have a movie clip that has a looping background sound in it. From a button on the main timeline, I want to stop that bgsound from playing. Is this possible?

    Here is my code on the movie clip:
    PHP Code:
    bgSound = new Sound();

    and in the button I have:
    PHP Code:
    on (release) {

    I don't want to use the stopAllSounds command because then it kills my sound on the button when clicked.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    you just have to use Sound() function.

    Use script like this:

    Actionscript Code:
    globalvolume = new Sound();

    Aplly this to the onRelease funciton for the button. And set some variable to false for mute and true for sound.

    For Example in frame 1 write this script:

    _global.snd = true;
    globalvolume = new Sound();

    Then use this script for the button:

    Actionscript Code:

    if(_global.snd == true){


    _global.snd = false;


    else {


    _global.snd = true;



    Good Luck

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