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Thread: [GAME] Bugz LUUV

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    [GAME] Bugz LUUV



    Here is my latest, hope you guys enjoy-it...
    Any feedback / bug reports/ impressions is much appreciated!

    Tnx a lot,

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    -feel like doing others a favor for watching advertisements (but that´s not your fold I guess, it´s like 70% of the page content is advertisement)
    - very nice sound effects
    - lots of text messages to read even though their are smal
    - I fail to understand the game after 4 tries (seems that I have to read the text)
    - clean visuals
    - the first clicks only accept the first one,- if I want to spread others LUUV as well it gets ignored- guess thats because of the tutorial behaviour.
    - the messages are getting annoying later on,- everytime I have to click the little spot to ok the message and go on,- perhaps make that easier like a click anywhere or the spacebar.
    - sound cant be muted in the game,- if I click so it creates a bubble for the 'luuv' instead followed by a popup try again

    overal nice technic, graphics and sound but imo. it needs some tweaks on the usuablilty

    edit: jeeez what a annoying advertisement,- I´ll probably wont open that link a 3rd time- I hate that kind of advertisements - takes to long, to loud, to much bandwidth

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    - the sound can be set on/off if yo press "S" for sounds or "M" to toggle the music on/off only! (it is written in the instructions)
    - the during the game messages can be turned off by clicking on the "show game hints" on the cover!

    @Sietjp: tnx, sry for finding it to hard you should check the stage 2 levels

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    Render, it's a chain reaction style game. You have a number of bugs you have to chain together in the upper left hand corner. You click on a bug and if the explosion hits another bug, it explodes too... kind of like <plug>Star Destroyer</plug> on my site.

    I liked the game, just needed more--no pun intended--love. Was smooth playing and nice effects, but not that much more eye catching than many other games of the same style.
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    i thought the game was great, distracting me from scholarship essays, so good job lol!

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    Great graphics, great sound, great effects. All in all, polished and smooth. Nice work!
    // Mazapán, my portfolio

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    I thought you did a brilliant job at reviving such a (normally) boring + bland game play. Great work!

    I agree with render, in that it was annoying to constantly have to click the restart button. Maybe allocating a button to do this would be better?


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    I love it. Finally the "concept" taken to full polish. nice!

    Only complaint is that the "next level" instruction panel is very small and a couple times I didn't even notice it because the bugs were all moving. You should pause (or simply not start) action and animation until the player can actually play. Humans are at a very basic level automatically drawn to motion, so by having all the little bugs moving already, it takes attention away on the action you are actually expecting to be done (clicking Next!)

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    This game looks familiar

    Good work mate, and well done for getting it onto Shockwave. It's good to see it live at last.


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    Nice little game
    very polished and clean
    Stage 2 I think was easier than stage 1 though...

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    Well, Ovidiu...

    ...what should I say?
    I still wonder, why you dropped me as "game sponsor"?
    I still wonder, why you never replied to my mails?
    I still wonder, why you don't even bother writing me some words of explanation.

    I really wonder...

    BTW, will there ever be a non-Shockwave version of the game?

    Thanks anyway

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