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Thread: Mac projector...elaborate anyone?

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    Mac projector...elaborate anyone?

    So every tutorial I can find says that the Mac projector isn't something that will just execute on double click on a mac...so what does one do? All these tutorials and posts just end at that. I only have access to a PC and made a very low end interface to launch a few files and I have my PC projector working but I want to be able to make a Mac projector and have it work...not just be encoded for mac.

    Am I just slow or doesn't that seem incomplete, to tell someone that the Mac projector is Mac encoded and is not a Mac executable....and not tell us how to make it a mac executable?!

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    They will execute with normally on a Mac, the encoding is for when they are transferred to a mac.

    You have to transfer them somehow, either on CD or across a network, when on a CD if you follow the tutorial in this forum's FAQ it explains how file is decoded as part of the creation process.
    If you're transferring them via a network, it's normal to have a file zipped and have to unzip it the first time; decoding will happen at the same time as unzipping.

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