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Thread: Why should i use Flex?

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    Why should i use Flex?

    I'm new to flex and trying to find a reason or two, why and how flex will improve my flash projects. Could anyone help enlighten me?

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    Well that would depend on the project. Flex makes building GUIs and interacting with server data a lot quicker, but it is not as much of an animation tool.
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    QUOTE: "but it is not as much of an animation tool"

    Hi . I think you mean by that, that you have not a timeline and the workflow is different than in Flash... but Flex is definitely an Animation tool. Animation the right way (that is no use of the timeline and Use of the AS3 power...)

    So you can do the exact same thing with Flex (and even more... ). If you animate via the timeline... that is going to be static animation. If you animate via AS3, you will have total control over the animation and the application.

    (all papervision examples and applications, for example, are not done via the timeline... and many of them are done with flex...)


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    I think Flex is much more ahead of Flash. As far as the development (i.e. coding) is concerned Flex has many advantages over Flash, such as state management of UI, better display object hiererchy, better event management, easy scope management with method closer and many more.

    Also, you can use Flash CS3 components directly into Flex application. That means you can use your flash animations very easily in Flex.


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    I think the misconception that Flex is not an animation tool stems from the fact that it does not have a timeline as most animators are used to from within Flash, et al.

    Even I tend to miss the timeline though.

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