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Thread: Blur + Saturate with AS 2

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    Blur + Saturate with AS 2

    Hi there

    I was trying to Blur + Saturate an MC using actionscript. I only managed to do 1 of them.

    here is the code:

    PHP Code:
    import flash.filters.BlurFilter

    //blur filter 
    var blurred:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter(771); 
    storedBlur:Array = [blurred]; 
    this.btn1.onRelease = function() { 
    world.filters storedBlur
    this.btn2.onRelease = function() { 
    world.filters null
    I guess the big question is...how to do i set them both (Blur + Saturate)?

    Also, if possible..is there a way to make this a "transition type" effect?


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    We running out of Elite Flash Knights ?

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    meh, I was bored.... here....

    I used these for my information:

    attached, is a working example.
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    Thanks again

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