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Thread: [CS3] All-in-one loader

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    [CS3] All-in-one loader

    Hi, all.

    I'm working on an online multimedia library site, and right now I have a problem needing a proper solution.

    The site is mainly, a kind of library, where every kind of media is stored, [multimedia - video / image / text / etc]

    So far, I created the main system that gets the adress info of each file in the library, and grabs it from an XML file.

    What I want to do is, create something [like a component maybe] and when I click one of the items in the site, it'll open it in a way that it can be used.

    What do I mean..

    Like, when I click a "text" item in library, I want it to load the grabbed *.txt [which is already being hosted in the same webspace] into a textbox. But if the person click any file that's image related, It has to be loaded in some image-gallery style way. Also a similar solution for a video too.

    I thought there may be some component doing this, if there is, I can pay for it, too.

    Well if not, I need urgent help.....

    ....thanks for reading.

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    when I click a "text" item in library, I want it to load the grabbed *.txt

    extract the file extension from your selection. so if the selection is like -
    PHP Code:
    sel "some.txt";
    ext sel.substring(sel.length-3sel.length); // ext = "txt" 
    create a function for each ext value -
    PHP Code:
    if (ext=="txt"loadTxt(sel);  // loadTxt function - load textfield
    if (ext=="xml"loadXML(sel);  // loadXML function - load XML object
    if (ext=="flv"loadVideo(sel); // and so on, covering
    if (ext=="mp3"loadMP3(sel); // all possible file extensions
    if (ext=="swf" || ext=="jpg" || ext == "png")  loadHolder(sel); 
    i have this method working at this file upload link

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    Aha !
    Thank you very much !

    Now, all I need is an audioplayer, a text loader and an image loader, all with preloaders.

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