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Thread: [CS3] AS 2.0 [MovieClip forgets its previous State

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    [CS3] AS 2.0 [MovieClip forgets its previous State

    Hello Guys
    Im facing a strange problem in my web.
    i have 2 pages, when I test the web, it works fine.
    But when i goes to 2nd page and then again comeback to first page
    first page has forgotten its state.

    let me explain the whole situation,
    In first page [which is a movie clip], there's a button, when i click on it, it takes me to the framenumber 5.[within firstpage's timeline]
    And when i click on page 2, and then comeback, i finds first page in framenumber 1[in its original state]

    how to make him remeber its state? :S


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    When you send mc1 (first page in your words) to some keyfame, you store the mc1 _currentframe number in a variable. Then when getting back tell mc1 to gotoAndStop(variable);


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