I'm creating a desktop wallpaper creator. There are sets of thumbnails on the left hand side, and the "stage" on the right hand side. When the thumbnail is dragged on to the stage, a larger external MC is dropped in place of the thumbnail. That MC also has drag&drop capabilities for placement once it is on the stage. To delete, the imported MC is simply dragged off the stage. I'm experiencing two problems.

First, if the imported MC is dragged off the stage over the area where the thumbnails are, all of the thumbnails attach themselves to the mouse (although it's not visible, this is according to the trace statement). When a new thumbnail is picked and dragged over to the stage, all of the thumbnails' corresponding imported MCs show up on top of each other. Then, if the user clicks on the stage again, the imported MCs duplicate.

The second problem is very similar, the exact same thing happens, but instead of dragging an item off the stage over the thumbnails causing it, it simply happens if too many images are added to the stage.

I have a lot of functions and a lot of variables running (I don't understand arrays just yet), and the imported MCs are rather large PNGs. Does this sound like a bug or a programming error?

Thanks for any insight you can give!