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Thread: Broken movie

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    Unhappy Broken movie

    Hi all,
    I have been working on a project recently and for some strange reason it will no longer export. The movie file opens correctly with 3dfa, i can modify it and save but as soon as i hit the export button 3dfa crashs (both and A button has completely disappeared from the movie and i cant for the life of me find it again.
    I don't like doing this for 2 reasons. 1, I have always found it hard to ask someone for help (dont want to bother anyone) 2, i was taught to stand on my own two feet. And i find myself at a ripe old age needing to ask for help from those either better advised or experimented, and bowing down to the fact that i cant always go it alone

    Because of the nature of the content im afraid that i can't just post the whole thing a zip file for all to see, so i need (kusco i believe) to send the movie to someone from 3dfa who can assure me that the file goes no further.
    This is not a case of disrespect for the community but a question of respect for my client. I hope you understand. BTW when its finished i will have no problem releasing some of the workings to the community.

    So who do i contact exactly? Please help! I'd rather not start the whole project over.

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    Senior Member kusco's Avatar
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    You should send a link that should be used to download a zipped version of the movie.

    Send the link to the contact address of the 3DFA website ...

    contact at 3DFA.com
    (3DFA Support Team)

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    Ok will do, thanks!

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    resolved Thank You!

    I would just like to thank the 3DFA team, and kusco for pointing me in the right direction, for rapidly reacting to my problem, working over the weekend and having solved the issue so quickly.
    Luckily for me it was'nt a bad manipulation on my behalf, well except loosing a button, and everything is now as before.

    Thank you very much for your time and help. I will not forget when it comes to displaying 3DFA on my website.

    Thanks again

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    another job well done by the 3dfa team

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