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Thread: [CS3] Flashvars AS2

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    [CS3] Flashvars AS2

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question for you. Im tryin to use flashvars, so that depending on the variable sent to the flash movie it would go and play a specific scene. So let me set the scenario for you. I have an index.php page which has three buttons. If the user clicks button1 it opens a popup.php that contains the flash movie and plays the flash movie relative to button1. if the user clicks button2 it opens that same popup.php playing the scene relative to button2, and as im sure you've guessed. if the user clicks button3, it opens popup.php playing the scene relative to button3.

    The code inside the flash movie is:

    section_text.text = "connaught";
    }else if(section=="excel"){
    // gotoAndPlay("ExcelHome");
    section_text.text = "excel";
    else if(section=="stratford"){
    // gotoAndPlay("StratfordHome");
    section_text.text = "stratford";

    I would be greatful if you could help me find a solution to this problem. I put a test version of the site up at http://www.wineandmint.co.uk/fox so at the moment it reads the correct section but doesnt go to and play the relative movie. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    Are you positive that myQueryString variable is returning the proper variables?

    So we can debug try this:

    PHP Code:
    section_text.text section

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    thanks for the debug script. I should have mentioned i have tried this and it returns the correct variable to section_text. Mannnnn im stumpped! lol. But thats as far as i got, because even thou the variable exists it wont let me do anything with it?

    I also tried something along the lines of;

    if (section_text.text == "stratford") {


    and other variations of that. obviously i wrote that for each of the three links.

    What do you think would be the next step of the debugging or a possible solution?



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    i have similar problem... it works fine in firefox but is off and on with IE.

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    Mines doesnt work at all :S. how did you get it to work in Firefox?

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