Hi, i am trying to display the running time of the FLV palying throughthe netstream. This code works but it somehow is not letting the video play. The audio does and the time displays but the video is not showing. I assue there is a conflict. My netstream is named "ns"

thanks for any help.

import mx.managers.DepthManager;

ns.onStatus = function(infoObject:Object) {
statusCode_txt.text = infoObject.code;

this.createTextField("time_txt", this.setDepthTo(DepthManager.kBottom));

time_txt.text = "LOADING";

var time_interval:Number = setInterval(checkTime, 500, ns);
function checkTime(my_ns:NetStream) {
var ns_seconds:Number = ns.time;
var minutes:Number = Math.floor(ns_seconds/60);
var seconds = Math.floor(ns_seconds%60);
if (seconds<10) {
seconds = "0"+seconds;
time_txt.text = minutes+":"+seconds;