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Thread: [F8] making movie play from given frame number when loaded in to another movie

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    [F8] making movie play from given frame number when loaded in to another movie

    Hi ! there,

    can any body help me pls

    There are number of movie sequence movie.swf say movie 1 on frame 1, movie 2 on frame 2 and so on.. and i want a movie 3 on frame 3.

    There is another main.swf which has an action to load movie.swf and to stop at movie3(frame 3 ) so that movie play from that number.
    At present I can load the movie but fail to start movie from frame 3.

    How do I go about it???
    I'm stuck...


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    for [F8] look at the MovieClipLoader class in the Help Files

    make use of the onLoadComplete / onLoadInit event listeners

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    You need to use the MovieClipLoader class. loadMovie() does not have a way of telling when the .swf has fully downloaded and you can't use gotoAndStop(3) until its been fully downloaded.

    A moviecliploader (mcl) is pretty easy. Just create a generic object, assign it functions matching the names of the events you want to react to, make it listen to an mcl instance then just use loadClip() much like you would loadMovie().

    PHP Code:
    //create the generic object to assign loading event functions too
    //common practice to create separate object and moviecliploader instances
    //but since they work together, and since everything in flash technically is
    //an object, I add the functions right to the mcl.
    mcl = new MovieClipLoader();
    //create the function for when loading is inited
    //use onLoadComplete for a finished download, use onLoadInit instead if you
    //need to manipulate the loaded movie right away
    mcl.onLoadInit = function(target){
    mcl.addListener(mcl); //add it to itself as a listener
    //load the .swf

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