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Thread: [CS3] How to get XY position on stage, HELP!

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    [CS3] How to get XY position on stage, HELP!

    Hi, I have a scrolling reel of photo that moves with actionscript,
    there is a box that has info that pertains to individual photos on the reel.

    SO this is what I want to happen,

    I want the info box on top of the photo to change info as different photos pass.

    So here's the logic, but I dont know how to code it:

    if MovieClips' position is equal to a particular x,y coordinate on the stage then
    i'll probably turn on visibility on a specific layer...

    Help pls, I'm pretty sure it is easy just dunno how to do it. Thanks!

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    if you want to get position of clip:

    on your clip have this code:

    onEnterFrame = function()
    if(this._x == myXpos && this._y == myYpos) doSomething()

    that being said, you might want to give a range for the position checking as when your clip moves it might not hit the exact position.
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