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Thread: Help understanding actionscript [F8]

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    Help understanding actionscript [F8]

    Hey guys,

    could any one help me understand what the following actionscripts mean;

    for(var n=0; n!=numRows; n++)

    Also I don't understand what the "n" means and the double ++.

    Thanks guys

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    This is the beginnng of a section of code that will loop or repeat itself until a specified condition occurs.

    'n' is just a name for the counter that is going to be used in the loop, so here 'n' is a variable.

    So starting with 'n' as zero and continue as long as 'n' does NOT equal the value of 'numRows', and each time the loop starts over increase the value of 'n' by one'. (n++ means after using it increment it by one)


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