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Thread: Calling 3rd party amazon server?

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    Calling 3rd party amazon server?

    Our video is being stored on a 3rd party server so
    > we don't overload the
    > bandwidth on our own servers.

    I want to put an image of a flash video that does not start loading unless the user clicks on it. Then it would load and play. Is it hard to call on that server? Never done anything like this, just straight up flash design.

    Only info I have is this...
    > We've found that we need the following line of code
    > in the flash movie
    > in order for it to be called from one domain by the
    > other.
    > System.security.allowDomain( '*' );

    We will put about 4 videos on and I was also wondering if I could make one video player with 4 different options to click on that would load in the same player, instead of having 4 different players.

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    Even the slightest bit of info would be greatly appreciated, I just want to have an idea of how much this process is involved so I can plan accordingly.

    "Please type your message in the box so I can say it" haha I hate that ad.

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