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Thread: Song "slideshow" idea

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    Song "slideshow" idea

    for kusco .... i was wondering...

    can you make a "slideshow" for sounds

    i mean... a feauture so you have a slideshow with a song on every slide

    when a "slide" is playing the other slides are stoped.... so i don't have to make a script like

    element ("song2.mp3).play ()
    element ("song1.mp3).stop ()
    element ("song3.mp3).stop ()
    element ("song4.mp3).stop ()
    element ("song5.mp3).stop ()
    element ("song6.mp3).stop ()
    element ("song7.mp3).stop ()
    element ("song8.mp3).stop ()
    ... so on

    i hope you got the idea cuz my english really sucks XD anyway... that kind of thing would be very usefull
    Don't blame me cuz' my English sucks ) i'm from romania XD


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    This looks like another good opportunity to use an array

    In your starting script, set up the array, and specify what elements to use for the slides:

    MyPictures = new Array (3)
    MyPictures[1] = element("Picture1")
    MyPictures[2] = element("Picture2")
    MyPictures[3] = element("Picture3")

    // Now specify which sound goes with which picture
    MySounds = new Array (3)
    MySounds[1] = element("MySound1")
    MySounds[2] = element("MySound2")
    MySounds[3] = element("MySound3")

    // Whenever you want to change the displayed slide and music, change a variable 'PicNumber' to be the number of the slide to show.
    // This first part clears the screen and stops all sounds.
    for (a=0; a<=MyPictures.length; a++)

    // This part shows a picture and plays the right sound for that picture:

    There are probably better ways, but I think this is a nice easy starter

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    That's a good idea.

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