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Thread: (CS3 AS2) Limiting the number of titles displayed in feed

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    (CS3 AS2) Limiting the number of titles displayed in feed


    A client has a blogger site and I need to get the latest titles from the feed displayed in flash site.

    I'm using xmlLoad to load in the feed and then adding items to the string to display in text box but I need to only display a limited amount of titles, eg latest 5.

    I've searched but can't seem to find the help I'm after.

    Any advice would be great!


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    what is xmlLoad?

    are you using a regular XML object? (did you mean xml.load..etc)?

    maybe a cs3 thing?


    1.) cant you only ADD the titles to the string that you want? instead of all of them? or however yoru doing it?

    2.) if not..can you take the string and split it? using some delimiting character or something?

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