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Thread: [PV3D] How do you crete object movement inheritance?

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    Question [PV3D] How do you crete object movement inheritance?

    I have a scene where I have a FreeCamera3D aimed at a point using the lookAt() function. I would like to rotate the camera around the target. I figured there must be some way to "parent" the camera to a point so that if I rotate or move that point the camera will move with it.

    I tried by using addChild() to parent the camera to the point but when I move the parent, the camera doesn't move with it.

    Is there any way to accomplish this?

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    You can't use addChild() on a camera like that. What you can do is create a empty 'dummy' displayObject3D and 'parent' that. Then in your render cycle sync your camera position to the position of your dummy displayObject().

    Hope that makes sense
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