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Thread: form question

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    form question

    I have a text field in which a number is coded by the user, this number goes by php to a database and retrieves information.

    That was easy. In the submit button: on (release)
    {getURL("http://admin.cglship.com/tracking/ts2000tracking_DJG.php", "_blank", "GET");
    input = "";
    and in the text field: var: input
    and in the timeline: method = "HA200";

    Now, the client needs 3 more fields and he wants me to use the same variable $input to retrieve the 4 numbers, separated by a coma.

    I dont know how to retrieve the information from the 4 fields, and added to the input variable... "input = "1, 2, 3, 4";

    Please you help is necessary!
    Thank you

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    I think maybe using a LoadVars() object is what you may need to use.

    you can probably just use this:
    PHP Code:
    input textField1.text+","+textField2.text+","+textField3.text+","+textField4.text
    but here is an example of using sendAndLoad() to send some data to you PHP script..andthen execute (whateer) once the php script has been loaded/returns a response...if applicable)

    PHP Code:
    //create a new loadvars object
    var newData:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
    newData.inputNumbers textField1.text+","+textField2.text+","+textField3.text+","+textField4.text;

    //create a routine that executes when the text file is loaded
    newData.onLoad = function(success){
    //if the text file was NOT found
    trace("PHP script Not Found");
    //if text file was loaded properly
    trace("PHP script was found");
    //handle any return/echo from the php here as well
    //load the text file of choice

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