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Thread: Saving information from flash

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    Saving information from flash

    I have a flash page where they users will answer about 50 question, it's all yes or no question, and they are all in the same page.

    Now I would like to know how can I save the information so that the user can finish it later. I would like to do something like a save button and a load button, so the user would click save, and it would automaticly save the question, and when the user is back and click on load it would load the answers he completed.

    any help it would be nice.

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    Well, what I'd do is make a php backend. You could have the Finish button tell the backend to submit the form normally, and make the Save button tell the backend to save all of the questions in a cookie on the user's system.

    The load button could hit a php which loads the $_COOKIE vars and passes them back into the Flash file.

    There might be a way to do it entirely with Flash though.

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    If it isn't tied to a user-profile or anything (ie. just persistent on one computer) you could use a shared object - it's similar to a cookie but you can store any kind of data (objects, strings, arrays, w/e)...search for local SharedObjects in AS3.

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