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Thread: FLV Skinning Problem

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    FLV Skinning Problem

    After trying for days and searching the forum, I still can't find a fix for this.
    Regarding skins and FLV export, has anyone ever had a problem getting the skin (controls) to show up after export? The funny thing is that it (the skin) will show up fine when testing on my local machine, and also when accessing it on my normal web server, assuming all files are in the same folder. However, regarding a social networking site, when I place the code in there for the video, only the video shows up (and plays if I have it set to autoplay=true) but the skin does not show up.

    The video is there and plays fine but there is no skin. The code I insert on the social networking site points to the video.swf on my web server.... and there will also be the skin swf, such as ArcticOverNoVol.swf, as an example, in the same folder.

    I've tried 16 ways till Sunday to figure out what's goin on and fix the problem, but nothing seems to work. I have my resolution set to 320x280, and there is even a big "blank" spot under the video where the skin should be. Where in the world does the skin go? Any ideas?

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    flash bases the path on where the index file is that houses the swf file so it's looking for the skin in the same folder as the index page - in your case the social network's server. You should be able to remedy this by setting the path to the skin in your component parameters to the exact location on your server.

    under skin select 'custom skin url' then type in the URL

    I've never needed to do this, but in theory it makes sense.. worth a try!

    good luck
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