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Thread: [F8] How to make a dynamically loaded JPG clickable?

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    [F8] How to make a dynamically loaded JPG clickable?

    Hi all,

    I've got an XML loaded image gallery with scrolling thumbs that, when a thumbnail is clicked, a larger image is loaded. However, I want to make it so the larger image is clicked, it launches a new window. I can post my AS but I just wanted to throw some feelers out there to see if anyone could help?


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    the holder of he large image can have two layers.
    the top layer will be an invisible button
    the layer below will have a blank movie clip.
    Load the large image in the blank movie clip.

    //code toopen in new window


    Hope you get the idea.

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    hey thanks for the quick response! yes, that makes sense, thanks for the suggestion. the only thing is, my thumbnails load their respective full-sized images when clicked. so the particular jpeg that was loaded at the time would load it's own corresponding new window which would be different from that of another jpeg. I'm not sure if I'm making sense. would this be something i could solve by adding to my XML?

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