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    I've created a function that will be used multiple times...there will be overlap between the "called" function...how do I go about "attaching" the function to a particular MC?

    My thought was:

    [mc instance name].function ();

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    You could put the function in a class and have the mc be an instance of that class.

    Or, you could use the call method of Function.
    var myFunction:Function = function(arg1, arg2){
                                            //some stuff...
    //to call as if attached to mc1:
    myFunction.call(mc1, arg1, arg2);
    Not that the call method doesn't make myFunction a property of mc1. If mc1 is dynamic, you could do that like this:
    mc1.myFunction = myFunction;
    But, that's a little AS2-ish for my tastes.

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