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Thread: Scaling in AS2 Code

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    Scaling in AS2 Code

    I am trying to scale a small MovieClip in AS2

    If I have a small The code is drawn on the stage in code,

    I want to scale the shape to be longer, but not wider? _yScale

    and I want it to scale from the top .. not the middle..

    I have it easing it.. but I want it to scale down once it comes in..

    PHP Code:
        var yTween:Tween = new Tween(mcBigBottle4,"_x",Regular.easeIn,275,10,40);
    yTween:Tween = new Tween(mcBigBottle4,"_y",Regular.easeIn,167,167,40); 

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    A little clearer!? 2 posts in a row I've been confused on. Maybe it's just me. You've got these two tweens and something is wrong with them? And then when they're done you want to do another tween to scale it which way?
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