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Thread: Flash 3D Game....with new concepts??

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    Question Flash 3D Game....with new concepts??

    Iam a student in games technology. For my master Thesis .....I need to do like.....rendering sky making clouds look more real.....sun lighting looking more natural.....introducing new concepts of artifical intelligence........ or something like that which is not done before in flash 3D games. so I want to know what the topics/features......which is not done before in flash 3D games.. please help me......

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    Well ray tracers are not really implemented much in anyway into flash 3D applications because it's usually too tough to get a large resolution that would work with flash. Also, occullation is not used to much because it's either too complicated for developers to mess with or it's also too cpu intensive.

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    I always check this guys blog for the latest developments in papervision3D. have a look at the shadow caster class he recently created.
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    There are lots of things that haven't been done in 3d Flash before...I'm working on a "state of the art" engine which will be completely different than other 3d engines out there, and hopefully a lot faster...

    Just explore more! I learned TONS of 3d stuff starting from this spring. You should start by a) writing your own engine, or b) messing around with existing engines and classes.

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