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Thread: Attaching an MC inside of ANOTHER movie clilp on stage

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    Attaching an MC inside of ANOTHER movie clilp on stage

    Ok, here's the deal:

    I have a movie clip in the library exporting to Actionscript with the name "folder".

    I have a button on the main stage that, when you press is , should be using attach movie to create an instance of folder INSIDE of targetMC.

    But it's not working.....nothing shows up.

    I am doing:

    PHP Code:



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    Btw, I have decided to use AS2 for this project, not AS3.

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    Ok, I see. my code is correct. it works when tried on any other MC on the stage. The difference is that the MC I am targeting in my example is masked, and its large.

    I just have to figure out how to get this working when the target MC where the attachMovie is happening to is inside of a Mask.

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    Ok , got it working now. It was simply a matter of my reference to the MC not being case sensitive.

    I should have been doing _root.targetMC.birthzone.attachMovie

    anyway instead of my "positioning" code above.

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