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Thread: What should I use to create this....

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    What should I use to create this....

    Hello Everyone,

    I do some bowling coaching and I'd like to develop an application to use in conjunction with some video that I take of my students. I usually will record the session on video and sit down with the student to show some visuals. I'm trying to develop an app that I can import the video dynamically and use some type of drawing API on the screen. There are programs out there already made for this type of thing, but I'd like to make it web-based. I'm proficient with Flash and have some experience with Director, but I don't think either of these will allow me to do what I need.

    The video from the camera is saved as .mov, so Flash wouldn't work unless I converted to FLV or SWF. I know Director can use .mov files, but I don't know if Director has any type of drawing API.

    Any thoughts on what I could do? Any other programs I should look into to create this type of thing?

    Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.

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    To make it web based you will most likely have to use a flash media server. You would have to convert your movie to flv.

    The hard part would be making it so that when you draw something that it updates on all the other computers streaming the video

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    ******* products.

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    If your video is in mp4 format, I think Flash Player 9 will play it as is, and be able to stream it in.
    It's quite easy to batch convert to mp4 or flv as well, various bits of software can do it.
    Mp4 I think you can do for free using something like mplayer or another open source video transcoder, flv I'm not sure if the open source lot support it. But basically it's a wrapper format around mp4 in Flash 9 anyway.

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