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Thread: [CS3] Call function inside flash from External Movie

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    Smile [CS3] Call function inside flash from External Movie

    I wanted to know whether its possible or not.

    The thing that I have is:
    1. An SWF movie in my website (can not be edited)
    2. An EXE movie in the computer

    The thing that I want is:
    1. When the options in EXE file are chosen, it would call a function of the SWF Movie in the website, ** provided that the webpage containing the SWF is open in a browser.

    That would be really helpful for me if you can provide me any info.


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    I think the best thing would be to send variables from the exe to the url of the webpage displaying your SWF file; but then, it suppposed that you can edit the SWF.
    If not, you can always create a SWF file which will handle the variables sent (POST or GET) and in the meantime loading the original SWF. Once the original SWF is loaded, your new SWF can interact with it ans therefor, you can call some functions inside the original SWF file.

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