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Thread: [F8] problem with dynamic loaded data

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    [F8] problem with dynamic loaded data

    Hi there...

    1stly sorry for the snoobish question and naive tittle I guess...but I really do need help on it..

    how to display the string below without <blaa></blabla> things......

    var nameStr:String = "<name>John</name>";
    var addStr:String = "<address>Street 9 23</address>";
    var phoneStr:String = "<phone>012 3444433</phone>";
    name_txt.text = nameStr;
    add_txt.text = addStr;
    phone_txt.text = phoneStr;
    so the result will be...

    name = John;
    addess = Street 9 23;
    phone = 012 3444433;

    the data I'm loading dynamically ...so how to get rid of this thingy .."<blablabla></blablabla>"

    ur help are really appreciated...tq

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    I'm not sure what your problem is; try setting your variables to XMLNode type, not String.

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