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Thread: export crash

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    export crash

    Some days ago I have bought to myself a VectorStyle-Plugin for Carrara 3D.
    VectorStyle make possible an exporting of 3d vector-graphics in beautiful cartoon-style.
    Something details you take from the websites : here and here.
    Fantastic thing!I recommend it.

    My problem :
    I imported a 3D animation as *.svg format, worked on it, and then I've
    tried to export it as normal *.swf file. It comes to the crash.
    The following errors were shown (see attached file).
    I think, it happened because of very large number of shapes.
    It can also be, because of dual-core CPU.
    Is it somehow possible to go it around?
    With the Macromedia Flash there is thereby no problem.
    I already tried contact with the support,I got still no answer.




    I didn't know unfortunately that Rob Stewart is the main developer.
    Greetings for Rob.
    Rob help me at my problem, please!

    And sorry for my english...
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    It's most likely a bug :-) This part of 3DFA seems to be a bit older, so maybe the importing of complex graphics is a bit inaccurate.

    Unfortunately the support is taking a short break at the moment...

    Try to create a smaller .svg file to check out if the problem is the size of the file or the file itself.
    If it's the file size, try to render different parts of your 3D scene and put the vector graphics together in 3DFA, otherwise you have to render it as a bitmap and import it.


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