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Thread: text links to frames

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    text links to frames

    I'm having a noob nightmare. I've got a flash lite application that displays a list of search results, maybe 4 or 5 on the page, and I want to link from the results to other frames. I've tried using invisible buttons, but the handset doesn't display them in the same places as the device emulator (I don't think the handset is recognising the line spacing).

    So, in order to avoid messing around trying to guess where I should put the buttons, I want to use text links instead, but asfunction is unsupported in flash lite (by the looks of it).

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Usually developers do not apply code directly to the item of a menu.

    The idiomatic way to make a menu in Flash Lite is to think of the menu items as simply labels that a user selects. You must keep track of which item the user selects (element focus) and use key press events in an off screen button (Flash Lite 1.1) or a key object (Flash Lite 2+) to decide what to do based upon the menu selection.

    You put code within these blocks to handle what to do when the user presses the enter button while a given item has focus.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    This isn't a menu item though, it's just text displayed on the page in a text frame. I just need to know how to implement a text link to another frame in the movie.

    It's a prototype of a directory search engine and I want users to be able to select links from within the search results.


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