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Thread: importing 3DS files

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    importing 3DS files

    okay, so our VG dept can export from C4D 9.5 Mac to 3DS files - the artist then dumps all the textures, png alphas, jpg etc into the same folder as the 3DS file. When I import into Swift3D 5, I get the model with a grey color and that is it, and sometimes some of the surfaces/polygons or whatever are missing.

    Is there a specific check or export option he should be using? or am I destined to have to import each texture and reapply them individually on each model? I ask because I am now tasked with animating close to 94 models.

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    Your halfway there. Once you import your C4D created .3ds file go to the Swift 3D Material Editor and create a new material. In the material settings under colour and Textures>Pattern, select bitmap and choose the texture map you used for your model in C4D. Adjust any specular/bump settings and then click okay.

    Now drag a copy of your material onto your model in the Swift 3D viewport and bang, your UV's should all be intact and display your texture wrapped as it was in C4D. If you are using multiple texture maps in C4D for a particular model, then create a Swift 3D material for each and drag each material onto the objects of your model that each material was original mapped too.

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