I agreed to do this project for a guy I have been doing work for off and on for a year now for a very very cheap price. At this point I would say I would be lucky to have made 50 cents an hour. Anyway I thought I was finally done but he came back with another problem he has with it and I don't know what to do so he's happy.

The site is http://www.iretouchpix.com

He did all the graphics (cause he is a graphic artist an for me to do it would be silly since that's what he's selling) I did the rest. The site is huge(9M) cause he HAD to have everything in its highest quality. SO here is what he said:

"Was on "additional services" and clicked on the gallery tab. It never
reloaded the gallery or preloader - went blank white and just stayed
there. The problem I encountered was on IE if I
closed the window and tried to retype the URL in again it did not load.
Not until I cleared the browser was I able to get the preloader then
gallery to come back up. "

I don't get what he gets, does anyone else get this and do you have any suggestions AT ALL?!