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Thread: Moving an object

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    Moving an object

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to move an object around in the screen. Do you do it when you use PlaceObject, DefineObject, or am I off?

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    Make a movie clip, than name it(click on "instance name", not the same as the name you pick when you create the movie clip).
    Then use something like car._x -= 5(to move the car 5 pixels to the left, out of usually 550).
    Use car._y -= 5 to move it up the screen.
    Use car._x == 0(to move it to a specific spot and not move it a distance).

    You cannot use Place/Define object.

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    Thanks for the post, but I was referring to the actual SWF file format specs not the actual flash application. I'm trying to write the code that is being written out by their program. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Xeris2,

    you can actually move objects around the screen. Traditional motion tweens end up in the swf file as placing the same object in every frame, with different matrix


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    In this site you can take help to move an object in flash.
    here is explain how to move an object

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