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This election will be determined by the VP choice. I have never heard that much discussion about a VP from one party. McCain has failed. It can be expected that he will put together a government of similarly wrong choices. And that is also an important part of the president's task.
I would not have agreed with you before this debate. McCain did very well, and provided solid reasons for his economic and foreign policy stances. I'll admit, he didn't come across as being the GOP party whore he's been since 2004.

Any moderate or liberal voters he might be able to sway during the debates though, are going to be scared off by Palin. Myself included. She's a deal-breaker. The fact that Guuliani was doing the post-debate spin for the GOP, and Biden was front-and-center for the Dems was very telling.

It's a shame, he chose Palin to reach out the GOP "base", who didn't become their base until 2000 when Rove went after them, and in the process alienated pretty much the rest of America.

Meanwhile, old-school republicans and true conservatives continued to get slapped in the face by their own part.

Sorry for the harsh language, but the truth is: That c*** has to go.